Normal working weeks

Hello there again!

Ones again it is my time to write our blog. As you may notice, there hasn’t been anything special during these working weeks. Me and Simo have worked for three and Juhana for two weeks in total which means that we all have used to our new rhythms which our companies have given us. It feels good to have a “basic” week schedule, I didn’t really member how it feels to wait for a weekend!

It is worth of mentioning that the internship is not only for going to work and back. We discussed with our schools supervisor and he gave us some information about the “paperwork” and things what have to be fulfilled during the internship. We have to make a written report about our internship and the minimum number of pages is 30. This may sound a lot, but luckily we have lots of time to make these reports. The second thing is to keep a presentation at the company about the internship. The presentation is based on the written report and the duration of the presentation should be about 15 minutes. I already arranged a presentation date of 21.7.2020 for me and Simo. According to the information so far,  there will be at least our supervisors from our company and from our school. I heard that some industrial experts and other students may come also, whoah, can’t wait for that!

Another up-to-date thing is the concern about the global COVIC-19 virus. The concerns can be seen everywhere. For example, some people wear masks at public places ( specially at the airport) and in our company it is restricted to shake hands with other people and you can see reminders about hand-hygiene in the hallways. If you have regular symptoms of a flu, you are instructed to be at home even tho you feel yourself capable to work. We will also have a training in our company next week just to make sure that everyone is prepared and everyone understands how the virus spreads. I hope that everything goes well.

I think there was everything from my side for now,

Best Regards – Janne