COVID-19 Outbreak

Hi there again!

It seems that the biggest challenge during the exchange is going to be the coronavirus pandemic. Situation changes everyday and also Germany has implemented strong restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. Now I’m going to tell you about the twists and turns which have occurred here in Germany.

It all started when I was really, really angry about two weeks ago when our flights to Finland on Easter were canceled. Also our friends and my family’s flights to here were canceled. All the international trips were canceled. Every public event was canceled. Everything was canceled. After cancellations the government of Germany decided to close all schools and  universities and our newcomers didn’t know what to do since summer semester was delayed by 1,5 months. Many of the newcomers went back to their countries which seems now like a good decision.

At that point I felt really lucky because we were performing our internships and it seemed that in principle the virus didn’t affect to our plans. But I was wrong.

About a week and half ago all of the gyms and other public places were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. At the same time we had training’s in our company about coronavirus and how our company will react to it. The main act for preventing the spread of the virus was that everyone who is able to do work from home will do the working from home-office. About 75% of our employees started to work from home and so did I from Monday 16.3 on. It was a wise decision from my director. Simo didn’t have any possibility to work from home so he stayed at the office.

During last week  restrictions became stronger and more strict. Everyone were advised to stay at home if possible. At that point our Finnish nation woke up also and during last week I had almost 10 different messages/emails from our school and state department which advised all Finnish travelers to come back to Finland. Despite of these advises, I decided to stay here because my situation is stable with my company; I can do all of my work remotely from home and thus I can’t convey about my situation if that is a way to perform my internship.

From Monday 23.3 on moving outside is restricted; you can go outside only if you have a good reason for it. Changes to transportation are also made; fewer shifts are made and public transportation doesn’t go to our work anymore. Luckily I have this opportunity to do home-office and our general manager also said that they can arrange transportation if needed. This is a good offer for those who don’t have the chance to do home-office.

Let’s live day by day, step by step and everything will be fine. On the other hand these times are really interesting, I think I will remember this exchange forever. Here is some photos:

Home-office with an incredibly tasty Finnish breakfast!


Mothers will always take care; mine sent me some breathing-masks. I hope I will not need them.

What a time to be alive!


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  1. Dear Janne,

    thank you very much for your very good weekly reports. I enjoy reading them beside this really hard situation there and here in Finland. Your reports give a lot good information for new JAMK students who want to do their exchange semester or double degree studies there.
    Everything good for your practical training and life there in Germany.

    Stay safe and healthy