Quarantine & Chill


Some of you may know and some of you may not, but I left early from the exchange period in Stuttgart. There were multiple reasons why I thought it was better for me to return to Finland earlier than supposed, I’m not going to explain them here. I have spent the last 1½ weeks at home watching TV, walking the dog, working out and other random stuff. Tomorrow is the last day in quarantine, finally I get to go to the store if I want to. I’m still uncertain what I will be doing during the summer, but at least I got one job as a lineman so I won’t have to sit and kill time all summer. Juhana and Janne still live in Baden-Württemberg, Juhana in Esslingen and Janne in Stuttgart, and from what I hear they seem to be all fine in there, working from home safely.

My return trip to Finland was quite a blast, I booked flights for 25.3. 6:15 from Frankfurt to Helsinki at first, but at 12:00 on 23.3. I got an email that the flights were canceled and there would be no alternatives. The only option would be to leave on Tuesday, one day earlier than thought at first. I made all the arrangements for dropping off the keys and everything else necessary. I was going to leave for Frankfurt in the same evening. I spent few hours at Jannes place before leaving to the train station, where I checked my email. They moved me to another airline, and the time had moved 5 hours later so I would be leaving on Wednesday at 11:15. So I spent one night homeless in Stuttgart. It was quite crazy! (Actually I slept at Jannes place for one night, thank god) So I took the night train from Stuttgart to Frankfurt and spent the night at the airport. Never have I seen such a big airport so quiet. Only a handful of travelers in addition to myself. I got some “dogs sleep” during the night and in the morning I finally boarded the plane, it was not too full either and thankfully it was on time. I arrived at home in Joensuu about 23 hours after I left Jannes place, The normally 6 hours travel took almost 4 times as much this time, but at least I arrived.

This is the final post from me since I got nothing else to blog about from Germany. Janne and Juhana will take it from here. It was a great journey that unfortunately came to an end a bit too early. Glad I applied and went for it, I strongly recommend going for an exchange to everyone, although in a different global situation than this current one.

Danke und entschuldigung. Auf wiedersehen!


| Author: Simo