It´s long since I wrote anything here so it’s about a damm time. I´m not sure did I told that I moved to Esslingen, to be more specific to old town. This new house is much better than the old one in Göppingen so no complains. Room is quit small thou, 5,5m^2.

Anyways, corona did´t hit too hard to Esslingen even tho every non grocery store was closed. You really start to need something when you can´t buy it. Well now when every store under size of something is opened again. Suddenly I don’t need anything…


So what there is to do now?

Well since it’s spring everything is green and weather is just perfect. You can still go outside as long as you keep social distance and keep the group size in reasonable low.


What about the internship? I have no idea have I mentioned but I´m working in a small engineering office called Graf+Hausmann. We are focused to automation and IT programs and applications. No tools needed. It´s a bit of shame that corona had to mess things up. Many customers cancelled they orders and projects are on hold, so sometimes it´s fells like there is nothing to do. Luckily so far I have had really interesting jobs and task. You really learn a lot.


Since all the gyms are closed working out is done outside. For some reason germans don´t built pull up bars anywhere… So you need to use your imagination. Going for a walk or jogging etc is one of the best ways to kill time here, since the landscape is something you don´t find anywhere from Härmä. To be honest i´m really not waiting for summer and the +40 degree weathers.