Back to office!

Hello there once again!

It has been a while since last posting so I decided to give you an update.

Germany took effective actions towards COVID-19. These actions are mainly taken into practice in form of  restrictions. For example, all the unnecessary shops are closed, a rule of social distancing is applied and there is a requirement to wear a mask on public areas. Germany also closed its land borders for preventing the spread of virus.

These actions made a good impact to the level of active COVID-19 cases in Germany. The amount of new cases has been decreasing over three weeks now and today there is only 19 000 active cases left, where as the peak was almost 80 0000. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

So Germany is doing good and thus I am doing also fine. I made in total five weeks of home-office. At first it wasn’t so bad, but after couple of weeks of being at home it made me frustrated and I asked for a permission to come back to office. My supervisor gave me permission and I went back to office on 20.4. Nova days only 20% of our company’s employees are in the office, but it is still good to see other faces and have the feeling of belonging in to a certain group.

After going back to office I started to focus on the internship written report. The report is a written project thesis about your work in the company. It is evaluated as failure or pass and its length has to be over 30 pages in total.  Even though 30 pages seems much, it is not so bad if you maintain your schedule.  I have now written 10 pages in total and there is still over 2 months time to complete the report. Not bad at all!

There was the main points of my activities, see you soon!