Hiking and working

It´s been a while since my last post. First I should tell what I have done in office and  after that what have I done in my free time. But first I should tell the current situation. Restaurants and small bars are open but masks are still mandatory in shops/public transportation. Two weeks back there was a demonstration in Stuttgart against Corona rules. In fact as I`m writing this there is a demonstration because of current situation in States. Now to more happier things, weather is amazing and we have had a many day offs. Next is in upcoming week.

Things in office are going great! A few weeks back I actually got an pay rise from 800€ to 1200€. Does´t sound much, but in generally student  wages are way lover than in Finland. In past weeks I have worked with a bigger customer project building an IoT server and TIA-Portal code necessary for it. Not really what I was expecting but I´m not complaining.
My current project is to built and web application to control an chemical process. Studies I had back in JAMK are put in use!


What about if I´m not working? Well since gyms are still closed I got some extra to my belly that I needed to get rid of. Luckily there is a plenty of nice routs to hike especially in south. Most of them are pretty easy and there is always some sort of ruin, usually an castle. And if you can´t leave the city there is always the possibility to go for a walk to wine gardens.

Here it a tip! If you study automation/electricity get a dorm from Göppingen for first semester but after that move to somewhere else.
I got a nice flat with four others from old town. Totally worth it!