Travelling and feelings about the upcoming ending of exchange

Hi there, long time no see!

It has been a time since the last post, so I decided to make a longer update this time.

I could start by telling about the early summer. Daily life here in Germany has been easier since mid May, because the government of Germany decided to open restrictions step by step. Therefore, restaurants, gyms and other public places opened with some additional rules. That was great, but for me the most relieving information was that the restrictions between Germany and Finland were loosened so  I was able to use my vacation days and go to Finland and back.

Because of easier restrictions, we made a hiking trip to Bad Wildbad and Wildline Hängebrucke on 12.6. That hanging bridge was really big! It was also quite windy on that day so the vibrations of the bridge felt a bit scary.

Wildline Hängebrucke


During June the restrictions were loosened once more which had a clear impact to peoples attitudes and behavior in public places. It is still mandatory to wear a mask in public indoor places, but we are still getting closer to normal!

Therefore, we decided to go to Munich for a weekend on 4.7. We stayed in a hostel called Wombat’s City Hostel Munich, which is focused on backpackers and low budget travellers. I can recommend it, we stayed in a Wombat hostel also in Vienna on February and it was a pleasure. We explored the city and its surroundings for the whole Saturday. After we got familiar with the city we went to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site and stayed there for the whole Sunday. I recommend visiting memorial sites like this, because they make you feel very humble.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site


Englischer Garten in Munich


We have also planned a trip to Austria’s Alps for the next weekend (24-26.7.). I am really looking forward to this trip, because I have always dreamed about going for a hiking trip to Alps and now it is really happening! I am going to make a blog post about that also.

In addition to all this, I have achieved to fulfill the mandatory workdays of the internship. I have my internship presentation on Tuesday 21st of July in our company and our supervisor is going to attend this meeting also. After that my internship is very close to its ending. There is only some fine-tuning of my project thesis, which is now 52 pages in total! That has been definitely a project, but the length is so long only because I voluntarily decided to handle the topic deeply.

My last working day is on 31.7. and I have also my departure flight back to home on that day. All is settled and under control which feels very good after the corona-spring. I will make a last update on 31.7, but I can already say that this has been definitely the most versatile year in my life!


Until next time ~Janne