Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!

Hello for everyone!

So this is the day for me. Last day in Germany. I’m currently at Frankfurt airport’s lounge waiting for my departure flight to Finland and the feeling of success is enormous right now!

I had my internship presentation on Tuesday 21st and it went really good. Experts from my company and also the professor from Hochschule were satisfied to my progress and the final results which I presented. After the presentation I completed my internship written report and returned it to my colleagues. The total length went up to 55 pages, which felt more or less like a thesis! But I assume that the length is a good thing, because making the report  was a good way to have more experience in writing official written English.

On the last working days I also got my certificates from my company and therefore I can finally take a breath and relax for a moment. Vacation in Finland really comes at the right time because the exchange during COVID-19 pandemic was quite demanding.

Despite corona, there has been really great moments recently. I have always wanted to go to Alps and when I shared this idea to my exchange friends we took immediate action! We booked a  airbnb from Austria’s Alps, more precisely from Pettneu am Arlberg. I can really recommend this place. It was a very small village surrounded by Alps and the main income for the village seems to be farming and tourism.

We had the idea that we will make a average hiking trip uphill during Saturday 25th and then come back  downhill with a cable elevator. This was a great idea, but it got a bit out of hand. We hiked uphill for five hours and up to 2600 meters. There was a small “hut like” restaurant were we made a short break and continued at 2400m from mountain to mountain. After couple of hours of hiking, we realized that the cable elevators are way too far for us and we decided to hike all the way downhill. We arrived back to our apartment just before the sun went down, which was really great, because it is quite dark in the alley when the sun doesn’t shine anymore!

This “small” hiking trip took over 11 hours in total and according to my sports watch it was 20,5km,  45000 steps and 7800 kcal!  I can say that we slept really well the night after and that was quite a dream come true for the last weekend of my exchange! Here is some pictures;


The whole Finnish exchange group having some good time!

The highest peak nearby had a visitor’s book. The conquerors’ but their names on it.


Down in the alley can be seen a small village just like the village were our accommodation was.


As a summary, I can definitely say that the exchange year was a really good experience for me. I think everybody should test their “wings” and see how they survive in the global world. And it isn’t just surviving, it is great experiences and adventures which will really grow you mentally and expand your area of sight. After a trip like this, you have much more tools for how to face challenges and also good tips for your regular daily life. I made also lots of real business contacts to Germany, which means that there is the opportunity to come back in the means of work.

All in all, it was great, challenging and very successful exchange!

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! ~Janne