MENTOROB project guidelines

This blog is used for reporting and sharing experiences, especially from the view point of student mobility for MENTOROB, Asia-Programme 2017-2019.

MENTOROB is supported by the Finnish National Agency for Education and identifies the following aims:
1) To develop a mentoring programme for professional practice for third year bachelor level physiotherapy students of JAMK and Takasaki to enhance the development of internationalisation and robotic competences and to support the applicability of the competences in the working life;
2) To enable staff members of JAMK and Takasaki to enhance their knowledge in the area of international robotics to support future curriculum development in social and health care;
3) To enhance the importance of student mentoring in international contexts of Finnish and Japanese health care professionals;
4) To initiate the development of a multidisciplinary mentoring programme in rehabilitation between JAMK and Takasaki autumn 2019 onwards, making use of the developed knowledge through the project activities.

Programme started in summer 2017, and proceed to objective setting between JAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Health and Social Studies and Takasaki University of Health and Welfare, Faculty of Health and Welfare.

Objective of the project is to focus on mentoring in student practical training in the area of physiotherapy. For this, partners have spent months through staff mobility to get to know the social and health care systems of both countries, degree programmes and curricula together with places of student practical training. During the student exchanges imbedded to the project, the idea is to utilise digital tools in student reflection. This includes shared e-learning platform for enhanced orientation and follow-up of personal learning, on-line reporting and blog writing. Student learning is also supported by face to face discussions and Skype meetings between the partners and the students. In addition, project aims in enhancing robotic knowledge in rehabilitation.

Student exchange in physiotherapy is set to take place in autumn 2018 with one student from both institutions spending a period of training / study in the partner country.