Enhancing student support and mentoring

Through face to face meetings and shared on-line discussions partners identified several student support functions to be used in the project. The main, and most important part was the commitment of responsible persons to the project. Similarly to JAMK, the physiotherapy team appointed two responsible lecturers on charge of the student mobilities taking place in autumn 2018. The exchange of all documentation related to student mobility and practicalities, including required paper work and guidance on student supervision was exchanged in spring 2017, prior to student application process. It was also agreed that at the start of the student exchange at JAMK, responsible lecturer from Takasaki will join the Japanese physiotherapy student for the first week for orientation and support. The visit will also be meaningful from the view point of getting to know the practical training place and supervisors at the place of work. Furthermore, student learning and mentoring is to be enhanced with weekly face to face discussions with responsible lecturers at the place of work.

Second tool used in orientation was the on-line platform Optima, that included all relevant information on the project, student mentoring and training. Other support tools included Skype sessions, and tutor students appointed for the mobiilty participants. MENTOROB mobility process for students identified the learning goals, reflection, feedback and assessment information which was shared on-line with details on  the gathering of daily portfolio for exchange taking place at JAMK August 2018 onwards.