Evaluation of practical training period at JAMK

Ms Sato had her final evaluation of the practical training on the completed module, Developing Expertise, 6 ECTS on 12th of September, 2018.

Ms Sato reflected her personal objectives at the end of the training, concluding that the main objective, being able to understand and to reflect the differences physiotherapy practices between Japan and Finland was reached. She also got to rotate within various sites in the clinic, which made is possible to encouter various clients and gave her the opportunity to practice her language skills.

The main challenge in mentoring and supervision during the exchange was the lack of joint language. However, Ms Sato’s supervisors at the Central Hospital took the supervision of Ms Sato as a challenge, to also imporove their own English skills and to learn from the physiotherapy practices in Japan. Ms Sato also got to work with JAMK physiotherapy students during her stay at the hospital and got used to the daily routine of the hospital very quickly. According to supervisors, Ms Sato was highly interested in various patients, active and positive student. She was very interested in the treatment pathways of various clients including the lenght of different patient groups, which offered her a better picture of the overall rehabitalitation system in Finland. Despite the language difficulties, Ms Sato was very accurate and approached clients in a positive manner.

At the end of her practical training, Ms Sato joined a Finnish-Japanese Intensive period held at JAMK during 9-16 September with presentations on her practical training at the Central Hospital as well as a visit to a rehabilitation Centre Peurunka. She returned to Japan with the Japanese student colleagues 18th of September.

Takako Sato reflecting her learning at end of the practical training.