Hola a todos!

Hi everyone!

My name is Eetu, and I’m a student of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. For a long time, my dream has been to live and study in a totally different country and culture. On 2016 my dream finally came true: I’m doing my exchange studies in Mexico! Now, when I’ve stayed here already for three weeks, I got a lot of things to share. Lets start from the Visa process.

I decided to go for a exchange period of two semester, being the first one from JAMK to do that in Mexico. However, staying for two semesters changes the preparations a little bit. Even from Finland, going for two semesters to Mexico requires completing the visa process. I started my visa process by sending email to the embassy of Mexico in Finland. The embassy is obviously in Helsinki, so for me, it requires a day trip to go there. First it was little complicated to conversate, because the contact person didnt understand that I work in two shifts, and that I live pretty far away. Eventually we managed to arrange a meeting on a monday morning. I booked a hotel for sunday night and drove to Helsinki. Same time I had a change to explore our capital on my own on a most beautiful summer day. The visit in embassy itself was nice and comfortable. I gave my passport to the consulat and waited on the couch in the waiting room. In 15 minutes I got a visa in my passport. I thought this is it, now I have the permit to stay for one year, I was wrong. Ill tell later about that.

On Sunday 31. of July, my great journey finally starts! My weekend had been super stressfull. On Friday, I had my last working day at the pulp mill. I got out of work at 21:30. On Saturday, we moved all my stuff to my parents house, which took the whole day. On Saturday evening I packed my packs really quickly, and left to the city center to say goodbye to my friends. On Sunday, we woke up early to have time to visit my grandmother in Helsinki, before saying goodbye to Finland for almost a year.

On afternoon, my flight leaves from Helsinki to Copenhagen. The flight is so late, that I almost miss the continuation flight from Copenhagen to New York. Luckily, the continuation flight was also late, so I made it there on time.

On the late Sunday evening, I arrive to John F. Kennedy airport, after already 16 hours of travelling. The customs and ESTA were much easier than I had imagined, and finally I get out of the airport to take my first breaths of the air of the new world. Feels weird. I chance euros to dollars with the worst chance ratio I have ever seen. After that a fake taxi driver tries to scam me. Unfortunately for him, Im not yet that sleepy. I find a airport shuttle bus, and finally get on my way to Manhattan, where my hotel is. I cant see anything from the bus windows, because of the terrible weather. The black driver sings the whole journey in a worst traffic jam I’ve ever seen. I get to Manhattan, and finally to my hotel. The hotel is kinda ascetic, but just next to the central park. After a big mac and couple of bananas, I decide to go to sleep.

On Monday I wake up early because of the time difference. I spend the whole day exploring Manhattan as much as possible in my short time there. I find the city just amazing and breathtaking. On tuesday, my journey continues from Newark airport.

From Newark, I fly to Atlanta. Because I bought first class tickets (for the first time in my life) my flight was very comfortable. Atlanta is a huge airport, and I have to manage my way to the other side of it. Even with the airport train, it takes over 15 minutes. Apparently the weather turns out to be bad, and the flight is delayed for 1,5 hours. Finally we take off.

After couple of hours, I start to see my new home country from the windows. Eventually we land to Monterrey. Im surprised how new and functional everything is on the airport. Everything goes very smoothly, and I meet Ale, a mexican woman that was doing her exchange in Finland, in the lobby. We leave for her car, and I get to feel the climate of Monterrey. Its almost 40 degrees, and whole sunny. May be this wasnt too bad decision after all.

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