Finally the christmas holidays start and I have time for traveling. Im gonna see as many places in México as possible!


About the studies so far: I passed all except one module of the five academic modules I took at the beginning of semester. My modules were pretty random because I didnt get almost any of the ones I picked before exchange semester. I dont mind though, they were pretty good and I made some development, especially with my english and spanish. Below Ill list the modules I took, and some description about all of them:

Leadership: The name tells everything, the module was about leading people, and besides theory, it also contained a lot of practical training, presentations and examples from history and ceos of the greatest and most succesful enterprises. The course was very diverse in the means of different nations participating. There was people from all over the world, which made the lessons even more interesting, because of course the ideals of a good leader vary some in different cultures.

Organizational behaviour: We had the same professor as on the leadership module. The module was about how the diversity of employees in an enterprise should be taken can be made an advantage or disadvantage. Also there was a lot of presentations, practical and theoretical examples and diversity of cultures!

Español basico: My first steps to learn a new language! The course focused on the basics of spanish language, and at the end of the semester I was able to understand some and cope through most of the normal confluences with spanish speaking people. This gave me a good base for improving my spanish!

Financial engineering: I dont know why they put me on this module. The module was advanced finances, the last and most hard course of the finance students. I didnt have any base in finances, but  I was capable of coping through half of the semester on this. After that I just realised it is not worth the time I had to spend with the course to only be able to pass just about.

Herramientas para la technologia: This was my only module besides spanish language module, that was taught in spanish. In the beginning it was really hard to survive there without understanding almost anything, but I think this helped me some to develop my spanish. The module was pretty demanding, teaching in just five months all about the microsoft office programs, information searching, using different databases in internet, and using the APA format for referring.

Overall, although this semester I did not have any professional studies related to my career, I think i made a good use of the supply my university offered me for learning. In english, there were very few engineering modules, so this was the best I could do. Also, I think I reached my goal in spanish, and decided to enroll for all my modules for semester so, that they will be taught in spanish. This way I could influence more my schedules, and take modules related to my career. Good luck for me!