Last weekend we decided to go to Texas, and aim to Houston, the fourth biggest city in United States. We were a group of ten people, only guys (trust me, this way its MUCH easyer, as I found out on my another trip). We were from Finland, Denmark and Netherlands, so culturally pretty similar people. We rented a minibus and left early in the morning. Well, our driver overslept so we didn’t leave as early as we planned to. The drive from Monterrey to the border was only couple of hours, and the border crossing went more or less smoothly. Comparing to the border crossing between Russia and Finland, which ive crossed around 100 times, this was way easier. The difference in the level of living and in the state of infrastructure was enormous! Everything is more clean and in better condition than in the southern side of the border. Also it was weird to hear English spoken all around me.

From border it was still around 7 hours to Houston, and we arrived there pretty late and tired. Still, of course we had to see the nightlife of Houston. We went to a club and the difference between partying there and in México is also huge. I like much more the clubs in México, sorry Texas.Funny thing, but I found myself spending all my night with Méxicans living in Texas.

The next day everyone were even more tired than last evening, surprise. Some people went to see the NASA space center, but me and Mikko went to do some shopping, because the selection and prices of clothes are much better in the states. In the evening we went tailgating around the stadium, because it was the super bowl weekend! That was very very American experience. The next day we left Houston pretty early to drive to Monterrey. I was happy to get to the better side of the border again, sorry again Texas. The first thing we did in Monterrey: we went for tacos. Eating hamburgers all the weekend made me really miss the healthy tacos of Los Picosos de Puebla.