Zacatecas y Real de Catorce

With seven friends, we rented two cars and drove first to the old silver mine town of Zacatecas. I was impressed, the city is really beautiful and the buildings built with the commerce gained from silver were truly amazing. After some problems, we were able to get the tickets to the “El mina de eden” a nightclub in the old silver mine. That truly was, the most extraordinary club ive visited during my life. Also we visited the museum in the mine and saw how the silver mined have been taken in the expence of the indigenous people, who have, since small kids been enslaved to mine silver for the Spanish colonial time lords. Not my proudest moments of being European..We spent two days in Zacatecas, which was not enough, and then continued our journey to the small village of Real de Catorce, an abandoned, once flourishing “ghost town” made also with the silver mined from the hills nearby. Although there was plenty of tourists, the city was somehow very special. First of all, to get there you have to drive first thirty kilometers of the the shittiest road in México. After that, you have to wait for your turn to enter the almost three kilometers long one direction tunnel leading to the city. No wonder the city was abandoned for almost a century, after the mines run out of silver and tourism wasn’t yet flourishing to the city. From the city, we took a horse ride to the old mines, and for me, not having rode a horse for almost twenty years this small and dangerous patch leading to the mine was a frightening experience.

Still, I made it alive, and on the way back I was really enjoying the ride. Afterwards we started our journey back to Monterrey, and we had to drive almost all the way back in darkness, which is highly not recommended for foreigners. Still, we made it back without any problems, and were even able to return the cars on time, without any extra fee.