Ciudad de México

I had been waiting this for long time, and finally i flew to México city with couple of friends. Ive seen this huge 25 million people metropol once from the airplane, when we changed planes in airport of México city on our way back from Oáxaca. I booked a hotel close to the centro historico, from plaza garibaldi, which is very famous place of its hundreds of mariachi bands playing mariachi music all night. However, plaza garibaldi is next to Tepito, which is one of the most dangerous areas in the whole México. My uber driver tried to make me change to a hotel at more safe area, but I thought that with common sense and avoiding dark hours, I could make it without problems. Well, although I saw a lot of ugliness and miserable people around the area, the problems I encountered during this trip did not happen at plaza Garibaldi. The problems happened at metro, where I got robbed. I lost my wallet and my cellphone in 10 seconds after entering the wagon. Not the best of my experiences ! Even though I had this hard lesson about the metro in México city, I saw awesome places, one of the most impressive museums Ive visited, and so much of history.  Also Ive tried a drink with tarantella poison, at it was delicious.

Still, I can confirm what my friend once said to me: México city is the city of worlds end. The life there is chaotic, and I was really happy to return to the “rancho”, to the much smaller, but more comfortable city of mine. I was so happy to see the mountains of Monterrey again when I returned there after four hectic days in the capital of this great country.