Semana Santa “The holy week”

Semana Santa is the Méxican spring break starting at the end ot the first week of april. We took also some days off the university to extend our holiday to, of course, be able to travel more. And with proudness, I can honestly say that we did some heck of a travel.


On Thursday, sixth of april, we flew early in the morning to Los Cabos in the state of Baja California Sur, very famous area to go for Semana Santa. However, we did not stay in Los Cabos, but in Cabo San Lucas, which is 40 minutes bus drive away from the gringo filled resorts of Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas was much more of a “place to be” for a group of young, thirsty exchange students. Our group consisted of me, Mikko, one Taiwanese, one Colombian, one French, and two Mexicans. Later, when our other friends in Los Cabos had problems with their Airbnb, we also “adopted” two of our Danish friends to our house. Cabo San Lucas had beautiful beaches with cold water, a sh*tload of gringos (more English spoken than Spanish) ,a price level that was not very student friendly and, what we came for, an intense scene of nightlife. The days there went pretty much with the same formula: party, sleep long, go to beach, party. Couple of days of this and we were more than ready to continue to our next destination, which was La Paz, couple of hours away in the same state. There we encountered less gringos, and much more peacefull atmosphere. I really enjoyed my time in La Paz, and we even did a boat and snorkeling trip to see whalesharks, a must to do thing in La Paz.


From La Paz, our ways separated and me and Mikko continued with a flight to Ciudad de México. Because we both had already seen most of it, without too much love left for the city, we decided to take a bus from there to Guanajuato, one of the must visit places of México. Guanajuato is also a city, that was built after the colonialists found silver from the hills nearby. With the money gained from the silver, they built a city, that I can call one of the most impressive, filled with omnipotent spirit cities ive visited during my life. Guanajuato and the traditionality is something ill remember all my life, and I cannot wait to be able to walk its narrow streets again. The experience was made even more special, when we met one finnish girl, that had lived there for couple of years. She, her boyfriend, and her other friends took us to the best places of Guanajuato, places often not found by tourists.


From Guanajuato, I paid a visit to San Miguel de Allende, amazing city legendary in Méxican history. Unfortunately our trip was coming to its end, and we left Guanajuato with busses. Mikko went straight to Monterrey, and I visited first Léon, a huge industrial city with a beautiful city center full of great churches and old buildings.