Travel to Tijuana and California

Now, when all my courses are complete and I still have some time before having to return home, I decided to still visit one for me still unknown part of México, the famous Tijuana at Baja California. Tijuana is a city built next to the border of United States, and the border is always right there, separating the “first” and the “third” worlds. Behind the border there is California, a state known by everyone all around the world. I decided to visit Tijuana, because my Méxican girlfriend invited me there to meet her family and to show me her hometown. We had one amazing week there together, and I a great change to get to know many members of her family! Most of the time we stayed in her family’s house in Tijuana, and explored the sights. One of the most contradictory things I saw during all my stay in México was the wall between Tijuana (México) and Chula Vista ( California, United States of America). The wall is a large fence built to separate these two very different countries, and it goes even to the sea, to stop people crossing the border by swimming. Tijuana surprised me, I always thought it to be very crazy city, with lots of Americans getting crazy there. But, it was a good example of functioning multicultural cradle, filled with people from all over the Latin America, México, and the United States. The city itself aint beautiful, but the people are. They are very friendly, and they want to do everything for you to have good time in Tijuana. We even got free tickets to the semifinals of Liga MX, the highest level of Méxican football. The match was held in Tijuana, estadio Caliente, and it was Xolos de Tijuana against Tigres de Monterrey, my favourite team! The match was amazing, and of course Tigres won 😉

We also did a trip to California, and I rented a convertible Ford Mustang to drive around there. That was one of my long term dreams, that I was finally able to make true. We drove around the small and beautiful coastal towns of southern California, and almost made our way to Los Angeles, but because of lack of time, we didnt make it there. Well, for me it did not matter, I had propably the best week of my life there! After returning back to Tijuana, I just had to leave my girlfriend there and fly back to Monterrey to gather all my stuff and get ready to leave México 🙁 I jsut had my one last night there in my beloved city of mountains, my another home, following my last five days in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. With sad heart, I had to leave my hardest goodbyes by walking through the airport security gates, leaving my girlfriend behind, knowing that we wont see each other for over six months.