Fixing some stereotypes

Allright, now when I’ve lived and explored this amazing country, pretty well, I can start to confirm and uncorfirm some expectations and stereotypes I had , and people overall have about México.

  • Hats, sombreros: You’ve seen too much Hollywood movies, the huge sombreros and the ranchero hats are mostly past. I was also expecting that most of the people are wearing a huge hat, riding a horse and having a day long siesta leaning to a cactus, drunk of cheap tequila. Most of the things in last sentence are wrong
    • In México, here is no siestas. Thats in Spain.
    • Cacti, yes its a thing here, people eat some species of cacti. It is even in the flag of México
    • Some of the old and middle aged people like to wear the ranchero hats, which are like the stetsons in Westerns. However, these are the people young people make fun of. “Oh, there is a cowboy jajajaja”.
    • Riding horses and donkeys: Common at the countryside, because of the bad condition or lack of the roads, it also makes sense.  At the countryside people are also more traditional, and it can be also seen of the way the cloth themselves.
    • Drinking cheap tequila: Well, most of the people here like tequila, and theres all kind of brands, some really cheap and some priced like gold. Still, people here also drink all kind of other beverages too, beer being probably the most consumed one.
  • Lack of infrastructure:
    • My first touch to México was when I landed at the Aeropuerto internacional de Monterrey. I was impressed, the airport was all new and decorated with style. Some of my stereotypes fell off immediately, as the airport really was better than most of the ones I’ve seen in Europe, or in the United States.
    • Overall the state of infrastructure including the condition of buildings is very diverse, and it differs a lot from city to city. Money makes the difference.
  • Dangerousness: Most of the comments I heard before coming here were like: ” Okay, this is a goodbye then, the cartels are gonna kill you and youre gonna be another victim of the drug war.”
    • México is not safe like Finland, thats not a surprise for anyone. But no country is, Finland is the safest country in the world, an utopia, you cannot expect to be as safe anywhere else. In México, the only place where I felt uncomfortable with my security, was in México city. There I also got robbed. Most of the cities here have safe and dangerous areas, thats the case everywhere in the world, except the Nordic countries and some countries in Asia. With common sense and speaking with local people, you can easily avoid the dangerous areas.
    • However, there is couple of states that are not recommended to visit by foreigners, and even the local people from other parts of México avoid them. These are the states of Guerrero and Michoacán, states ruined because of the war against drug cartels. I havent visited these states, so I cannot tell what is the truth about them, but thats what people say to me. Nonetheless, in other parts of México they kept saying me also that Monterrey is really dangerous city, and I felt the opposite there as long as I stayed away from the bad neighbourhoods like Cerro de la campana and Independecía.

Heres some, Ill add more if something else comes to my mind.