Back in Finland

Approximately 10 months ago I was thinking:
”what the fuck am I doing?”.
I was in an aeroplane on the way to a continent I’ve never been to, to a country which language I did not speak nor understand, to a city I barely knew more than the name of it. With no-one I knew, alone, leaving my family and my friends to another side of the globe.

It was the adventure of my live, not only to another world, but also into myself. In México I did not only learn a new language, another culture and another way of living, but also new things about myself. I adopted something and gave something, that’s how interaction goes. I met great people that I can now call my friends, an amazing woman I can now call my girlfriend and a country I can now call my another home. And that amazing country really deserves better reputation than what it has now!

But now I’m back in Finland. Life here is very different: Quiet, peaceful and a bit boring. Nature all around me. Thank god I at least have a work that keeps me busy.
My first thought when I came back was:
“Where are all the people hiding?”

After 1,5 weeks back here in Finland, my precious homeland, I miss México so damn much and I know I’ll be there back soon.
However, it is still a country that has its problems, where everyone is not born with equal chances. After seeing also a lot of misery and people living with barely nothing I now appreciate my luck 26 years ago more than ever.
The luck that I was born here to Finland, where you really have to fuck up your things to end to streets with nothing. We are priviledged people, and we complain too much about small things. Like they say, its like winning in the lottery to be born here, and now I agree with that 100%.
You just don’t understand it if you leave Finland to have vacation at Gran Canaria, to buy booze from Tallinn or to get crazy on the ferry to Stockholm. You can understand it after spending a long time somewhere totally different. If you have a change to go to exchange, do it.
If you can go for it to totally different country and culture, do it.
Even if you’re afraid, do it.
Maybe the grass on the other side isn’t any greener, but you can still be lucky and find a beautiful flower there. And make memories that you never forget.

Gracias a todo gente yo conocí, gracias a Monterrey, y gracias a México. Te amo.