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My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

Monthly Archives: June 2016

New news

During the present month I have been organizing some basic arrangements concerning my exchange of Valencia. I also have had a full-time summer job since the 16th of May and done my Bachelor Thesis when I have had time and energy. So many things at the same time but so much motivation to do everything! Only the time is problem sometimes.

The one of the first arrangements was buying the flight tickets that were quite budget. I`ll need to change aircrafts in Frankfurt when travelling to Valencia. In December 2016 I`ll travel back to Finland from Madrid via Munchen. In Madrid I`ll spend last days of my exchange if everything goes as I have planned.

Now I have rented a room from a flat around 1.5km from the city centre. I have a friend of a friend of mine living in Valencia who told me about the neighbourhood when I asked about it before reserving the room. I rented the room in the website because a friend of mine had rented a year ago a room from a flat in Madrid from Aluni and recommended that to me.

I also have received the letter of Kela about the study grant from Study Grants Appeal Board (Finland) and the letter of grant money decision of my home institution JAMK.

Everything seems to be all right and confirmed apart from the insurance issues that I should ask some details for my insurance company. I have, of course, European Health Insurance Card and a private insurance to be on the safe side. 🙂