La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

Monthly Archives: August 2016

Waiting for the next Tuesday 6th of September

I have only two working days left in my summer job in Validia Housing. The next Tuesday 6th of September I will already be in the sunny city of Valencia. I think I have ready all the paperwork I can do before the day of departure. I hope and I believe that everything important is on the rails. The only problem during this week and the last one has been, what kind of clothes I should take with me to Valencia. I just checked the foreseeable local temperature in Valencia for the 6th of September – According to the present weather forecast the temperature could be around 30°. I´m happy that I can continue my summer in Spain in the city of Valencia that I haven´t visited before. (I have already visited quite many cities, towns and villages in Spain but I can´t wait to visit many more places in the country I love so much).

I have to mention that last summer I worked as aupair in a Spanish family in a little village of Cobisa near Toledo during the summer 2015. This time I will do something very different: I will do my practical training of nursing in a Spanish hospital (I don´t know for sure the hospital I will work at. – I hope to get the confirmed information as soon as possible before the practical training should start.)

Opening the link attached you will find out some information of the city of Valencia. Of course I will add later my pictures and tell more about mi vida en Valencia, my life in Valencia. 🙂