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My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

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The second week in the practical training

The second week of the practical training in the pediatric unit has gone quite well. I mean quite well… XD On Monday I was 12 hours in the hospital. After the 12 hours I went home and I was very very hungry. I decided to buy take-away food from the restaurant that is very near my flat. There were a lot of people. I saw the sign: “Take-away food”. I asked the food and they said me that it was only an offer of midday but they could sell me the midday food because they had it in the fridge. Okey… well I was so hungry so I bought the midday food  and went home. At home I ate that seafood. The next day afternoon was awful… My stomach was completely in disorder and the fewer in the evening was 39 degrees. I felt so bad and I just wanted back home to Finland. The next day, on Wednesday, I rested all the day at home and slept because I didn´t have any energy to go to the practical training to the hospital as I hadn´t eaten anything in 24 hours.

On Thursday I was already back and had again 12 hours the practical training hours and on Friday i had a nice shift of 7 hours.

The next week will be my last week in the pediatric unit and then I will change the unit to the neonatal intensive care unit.


Las Fuentes de Algar and Benidorm

Last Sunday, on the 18th of September, I joined the SoyErasmus trip to Las Fuentes del Algar and Benidorm. I had already planned thay someday I would love to see those Algar Waterfalls and swim there.  The fountains were very beautiful and they were the highlight of the week. The water in the river and fountains is over the year only around 17- 18 degrees despite the hot summer months so the bath there was very refreshing. The place was unbelievable.

Las Fuentes del Algar

After seeing the amazing waterfalls, fountains and river the 2 buses of Erasmus students directed to Benidorm. It was like a little Spanish New York. I like it a lot even though I saw many drunk and sunburned British people there. The water in the sea was cristal clear and warm and the food I ate was great. A little bit warmer bath in Benidorm than in the waterfalls. 😀 Good memories!


The first week in practical training

img_20160913_2134131The 12th of September I started my practical training in a pediatric unit in the hospital Casa de Salud. I like the unit a lot. I like the work mates who already have taken me as a part of the personal  after one week of practise. I feel so happy to have an opportunity to be there. I will be in the unit until the 30th of September.

I do quite hard working days because I asked to the university if I could have some day off-days in October and November to travel and enjoy Spain. I couldn´t imagine that the UCV (Universidad Católica de Valencia) and the contact nurse would give me all the day offs I asked for. (I asked less days than I was given.) So that´s why I work some days 12 hours. It is ok for me and the university here.

I think it is so interesting here that the pediatric nurses cannulate also little children to give them for example i.v. antibiotics. I have heard that in Finland in various hospitals only doctors cannulate the children. In the hospital I am doing the practise the nurses and the assistants work respecting  well the hygiene. The principles of protection against infections are quite different but in some way I understand quite well the general principles here also. Of course there are some things that I can not understand so well.

Here they have so many papers written with unclear handwriting that I can´t understand. That is the thing that makes working as nursing student here so difficult during this first week. The system and the medicine orders from doctors are so different and I think they just do it too difficult and give extra work both for nurses and for the doctors. Especially in my eyes. They have to read unclear papers (They are used to it and do it well!) and go with them around. In some way I just think in Finland some things are much more clear and reasonable than here. But still we Finnish we have so much things to learn from the Spanish colleagues – openmindness and respect. Anyway I can see that everybody work hard and do their best for the patient´s health. If everything works why should they complain?  They have quite advanced computer registration system also that in some way is very similar to the Finnish one Effica.

The 15th of September I participated to the Spanish level test with my Erasmus friends. I got C1.1 -C1.2. I am looking forward to the Spanish lessons.

The first of October I will go to the neonatal intensive care unit to do the other part of my family nursing practise.


How is live to in Valencia?

valenciaI like Vaimg_20160909_1541541lencia a lot. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain by the amount of population. I feel safety in the neighbourhood I am living in even though I live very near the big avenue with a lot of traffic 24 hours per day. By night for example at 10pm there is a sea of the lights of hundreds of cars. The center of Valencia is beautiful with old buildings and nice atmosphere.

About the price level in Valencia. I think among other things alcohol, tapas and menus of the day in restaurants are cheaper than in Finland. Everything depends on the person and the things the person is used to use money. In supermarket almost everything is also cheaper than in Finland. On the other hand also the rate of wages is lower than in Finland. So I could say that for Finnish people in general Spain and in this case Valencia is a cheap place to live and for Spanish people, because of the general wage level, Finland could be very expensive. As I write before: Everything depends on the person´s customs that one use money to.

Anyway I love to live in Valencia the next three months and enjoy the time of my life. In someway everything is near because of good walking shoes, bus, metro and good possibilities to ride a bike for example. I like so much the Spanish language and the climate. In Valencia there are too official languages: español and valenciano. 😉

Una tarjeta SIM prepago, por favor.

“I would like to buy a prepaid SIM-card!” I said but of course in Spanish. Spanish language has been in my life in different ways since 2008. I went to Carrefour Campanar hypermarket and bought the prepaid SIM card and everything went well. On my way to Carrefour I visited Decathlon sport store to buy cheap slippers to use them at home.

The travelling day and the first whole day in Valencia

fb_img_1474140543399I changed the aircraft at the airport of Frankfurt in Germany. Changing the aircraft was quite easy because of the information points and the clear signposts. Soon I was in Valencia. At the airport of Valencia I waited for my suitcase next to the baggage claim we passengers were informed about but only a half of passengers got their suitcases.  Our flight number wasn´t anymore at the screen of the baggage claim. Nobody knew where our suitcases were.  Finally after 45minutes of waiting a woman came to say that the rest of the suitcases are in the other hall next to ours. I can say there was a chaos because the baggage claim was full of suitcases that nobody hadn´t picked. Soon I found my suitcase because of its colour.(I wanted that it would be easily recognizable.)

From the airport I travelled to the metrostation Colón. I went to visit the office of before going to the appartment. I met the lessor in the appartment. I live with a Spanish girl until Friday 9th of September when other Spanish girl will move to the appartment. Nexth month one girl more will join to live with us. We all have our own rooms.

First night I slept well even though it was very hot weather here. I was so tired after travelling. On the top of that yesterday I woke up with sore throat, cough and sweating. I couldn´t only rest in the appartment so I decided to walk around the city and go to meet the international coordinator of UCV (Universidad Católica de Valencia).  I also met some other Erasmus exchange students.  The international coordinator was very friendly and she knew English happily well. However I spoke Spanish with her. 🙂 I was given a uniform of nurse, identity card for the practical training in the hospital and  papers for work schedule in the nice UCV paper bag. (Look at the picture!)

The next Monday I will start the practical training.

In the train from Kouvola to Tikkurila

junassaNow I am a step closer to the adventure of the next months. Now it feels unreal. I am very happy to have an opportunity to experience the Erasmus exchange but on the other hand I feel sad to leave my lovely family for a while. I am missing them already.

My dad helped me with my luggage and baggage in Kouvola and drived me to the railwaystation. Now I am sitting in the train.