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Monthly Archives: November 2016

New visit in Las Fuentes de Algar



The geriatric practice

On the 3rd of November I started practice in the internal medicine ward where are a lot of geriatric patients. I adore the supervisor I have. If all the nurses were like her in the world the world would be a better place. She always talks about team work that raise the ambiance. She is a good teacher also and always explains a lot of things. In the ward there are also patients that have given birth and surgery patients, preoperative and postoperative patients. I have worked there 11 days and learned a lot about medicine, injections and fluids. Control the vital signs is also a big part of my job. The next week I will have holiday and my lovely friend will come to meet me. 🙂

Living in a shared flat

It´s not always easy to live in a shared flat. There can be cultural differences or differences in the personalities that can affect on the atmosphere. The questions like be in time can result different opinions. I feel like quite a independent person. I am everyday very social when I do the practice in the hospital so when I come home, to the shared flat, I want to rest and do my things. Living in a shared flat doesn´t mean we have to be perfect best friends but we should respect each other and give space to breath.  We all are not the same kind of persons so the best friends are not always found in a shared flat. I can say that during my exchange time I have had moments that I wouldn´t like to live but I had to and I learned about them a lot. I feel that in so I have met crazy people both in a good way and in a bad way.