La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

Trip to Montanejos

On the 21st of November my friend Mari travelled to Spain to visit me and Spain. I travelled to Alicante to see her because her flight landed there.  (It was adirect flight from Helsinki and cheaper than the flights at the moment to Valencia.) I went by bus to Alicante. In the bus I had an interesting conversation about Spanish and Finnish communication habits with a Spanish woman. She was very nice and clever and it was easy to talk about things with her. No problems with communication! 😀 At the airport of Alicante I saw my lovely friend and we travelled together to Dénia by bus to sleep in the apartment of my Finnish friend. Dénia is a small town between Alicante and Valencia.

On the 22nd of November Mari and me travelled from Dénia to Valencia to pick up my things in my flat and in the afternoon we travelled by bus to a small Spanish village Montanejos. It was a rainy day. We had to chance a bus in a village. We were the only ones who travelled that day to Montanejos because there wasn´t anybody in the second bus after the bus change and it was the only bus to Montanejos that day. In the first bus, from Valencia to the unknown village – I don´t remember the name, some elder women were very surprised when they heard that we were going to Montanejos. 😀 The way from the “unknown village” to Montanejos was very dark and it was cold and rainy so we were a little bit excited about what was coming.

In Montanejos we had a hotel room booked for two nights. Though there was anybody at the street that time we found the hotel full of people. We were looking forward to visit a “Finnish sauna” that they mencioned in the hotel´s website but when we were in the spa we noticed the “Finnish sauna” was broken… XD After we enjoyed the dinner in the hotel´s restaurant.



We slept well. The next morning we ate a breakfast and went to visit Las Fuentes del Baño that are some kind of hot springs where the water is all over the year about 25 degrees. It was perfect because the weather was rainy and cold (about +8 degrees) and the water of the river was about 25 degrees. At least it felt very warm. We swam there until the fish in the river started to follow us… XD


Two days relaxing in Montanejos and then it was time to travel back to Valencia. There were about six very loudy Spanish persons in the bus. They were talking about things and everybody just concentrated on what she or he was saying – Everyone just wanted to say the own thing and like no matter what the other is saying. I think that is quite an interesting habit… Fortunately every Spaniard is not like them. 😀


We didn´t have any problems with Spanish language because my friend and I handle almost perfectly the language. 😉