La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

The objectives of the Gerontological Nursing Practise

During the profesional practise of the Gerontological Nursing I have become acquainted with the Gerontological nursing and health care in Spain.
 I can tell about Gerontological nursing in Spain and compare the similarities and differences in that field of nursing between two countries: Spain and Finland.
 I have got to know the working culture at the workplace where I do my practical training.
 I can tell about the position of an aging client in the Spanish society.
 I have practiced the basic nursing interventions with aging patients/ clients and monitor their vital functions.
 I have applied basic aseptic techniques to nursing practice/ I work aseptically in a right and safety way.
 I have assessed safely and promoted the health and functional ability of an aging patient/client under supervision.
 Now I can recognize needs for Gerontological nursing care and respond to them safely with the appropriate nursing, interventions.
 I have implemented safe medication under supervision.
 I have operated according to the values and principles of patient/client-oriented nursing.
 I can understand customer-friendly, sustainable and economically-viable solutions in primary healthcare in Spain.
 I am able to act responsibly and professionally according to the values and principles of patient/client-oriented nursing in Spain.
 I have put into practice the learned knowledge of Gerontological nursing and health promotion with aging people.
 I think I have given a positive and reliable picture with Spanish coworkers.
 I have learned a lot of new vocabulary both in nursing and in my free time.

The objective are reached! 🙂