La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

My thoughts about Finland and Spain during the exchange

Written the 12th of December, published the 23rd of December

I have a week left here in Spain. My exchange experience has been great. I speak good Spanish so I am understood and I can communicate without any problems.

It really seems that the attitud “mañana mañana” exists. In the hospital the nurses I know do everything as soon as possible it is needed. Once I heard a doctor saying laughing: “Should I check it now or later? No, I check it tomorrow. I just want to sleep.” I am also quite exact with the exchange documents with signs and correct amount of hours and I want that they match and are done as it is written in the exchange check list. I want that everything is correct in the moment if it is possible not tomorrow or the next week. Why it is sometimes so hard to do everything well in the first time to not have to try to correct in the second or third time?

Sometimes it feels like the people do the things more complicated they really are. Where is so called “maalaisjärki”? Of course I can not say that only in Spain there would be people like that but it feels like you find easier people like that. Is it because young people live with their parents longer than in Finland? In Finland there are basic things you just have to know when you live alone. Or is it for how the things work in Finland -easier maybe?  I love Spain but it is so big country with complicated systems that everywhere, in every autonomous regions, are different in someway, the health care system for example. Maybe I would be also a little bit lost…

My flatmate told me about the Spanish high school and the university system that is totally different from our system in Finland. She studies law and knows a lot about everything. She is from the northern Spain and is very international. I like the style she respects everybody´s own space and understands cultural differences and is genuinely interested in different backgrounds. She also presents Spanish culture and lifestyle in a very positive way. Thanks for her for telling me some many things I didn´t know before.

Spain, as a country, is a very advanced occidental country in Europe and it´s a good country to live. Everything (almost everything) works, not as quickly as it could but still. Everything is so much easier in different Spanish cities and towns, except Fuengirola and Torremolinos, if you know the language -That´s the fact! XD

Spain is a country that has different kind of nature and climate in different parts of the country. In Spain a traveller can find almost everything she or he wants to explore. I love SEA and SUN, beaches, climate, friendly people (especially in Valencia I have met extraordinarily nice and friendly people), travelling by bus and train, cities and towns with different places to visit, lovely architecture and many things. Food is also good in Spain but in Finland the food is as good as in Spain I think. The only big difference is that the food in general is cheaper in Spain. The basic ingredients and products you need for living are in the same price level. If you need a lot of alcohol Finland would be too expensive for you… 😀

Spain is the country I like so much and will visit in the future many many times – I want time after time come back but Finland is the country I miss and I love so much. It is my home country with a lot of benefits. There are four different seasons, snow and rain, sun and clouds, sunshine and darkness, my mother tongue Finnish, lakes and forests, family and friends, clean nature and everything. Finnish people should be proud of what they have and enjoy it. The things are in some way better there than in more places in this planet.

I miss a lot Finland at this moment but I know that when I will be in Finland I will miss some things in Spain! 🙂