La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

After the exchange

It´s Christmas holiday. Yesterday I wanted to do the Erasmus+ OLS -language test but I couldn´t.  I was starting the language test of Erasmus+ program when I noticed just before that the language was wrong. I should do the test in Spanish, not in English. I didn´t start the test but just I checked the language because I thought that it could be wrong… In the text of the email there was written that I had the link to the Spanish test but when I opened the link there was the English test.

I tried to change the language but I could not find the way to change the language by myself… The mayor problem was that I was supposed to do the Spanish test before 31/12/2016 but all the contact persons in the sending institution, that could change the language,  were on Christmas holiday until the January 2017.
In this case I hope it is possible to do the Spanish test in January 2017 even though in the message it was written it should be done 31/12/2016. I hope everything goes well! 🙂 At least I have proves that I had tried to find a way to do the test but it´s not my fault that I can´t.  I am waiting for that this problems is solved asap. 🙂

It´s a language test of the Erasmus+ OLS program that I did before the departure date and now I have to do it again to see if I have improved my language skills in Spanish.

In January 2017 I will have a little bit paperwork left due to this exchange experience, grant money and ECTS credits. A lot of documents with signs and stamps. 😉