La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

Travelling home

On 18th of December it was time to travel back home to Finland.  I had the flight via Munich. The flight was operated by Lufthansa. At Munich airport I had to go in 30 minutes from the gates G to the gates K that were in the different building. I followed the signs “Gates K” to the airport terminal 2 shuttle that took me in a few minutes to the gates K. My gate was waiting for me in the final of the long corridor. I was there in the time. In the aircraft I enjoyed a good, delicious, meal of chicken, rice and pepper sauce. Everything went well and soon I was in Finland.

Good bye Spain, hello Finland! 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!!

I will go back but I don´t know yet when it´s the time to visit Spain again. I love it but for a while it´s nice like this. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to improve so well my language skills in Spanish. I also practiced a little bit English, which was good. I am also so grateful that I met amazing people and make new friends from Finland, Spain and other countries. I hope they will remember me even though I worked a lot with my thesis that took some time… I am happy that after the first month that I was many times ill I could enjoy the time I had. I had great moments that I will never forget.