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My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

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After the exchange

It´s Christmas holiday. Yesterday I wanted to do the Erasmus+ OLS -language test but I couldn´t.  I was starting the language test of Erasmus+ program when I noticed just before that the language was wrong. I should do the test in Spanish, not in English. I didn´t start the test but just I checked the language because […]

Travelling home

On 18th of December it was time to travel back home to Finland.  I had the flight via Munich. The flight was operated by Lufthansa. At Munich airport I had to go in 30 minutes from the gates G to the gates K that were in the different building. I followed the signs “Gates K” to […]

Madrid and the concert of Malú 17.12.2016

On 16th of December I traveled from Valencia to Madrid by the AVE high speed train that can go aproximately around 300km/h. It´s the quick and easy way to travel from Valencia to Madrid in about 1,5 hours. It´s quite expensive but I had booked and bought my ticket in advance, about one month before […]

Last day in the hospital Casa de Salud 12.12.2016

Last day of my gerontological nursing practice was very busy. The unit was full of patients with a lot of work to do. Last day was anyway very nice because I could work with my favorite nurses Celia and Inma. I met also Maria that I like a lot. 🙂 I went to visit the […]

My thoughts about Finland and Spain during the exchange

Written the 12th of December, published the 23rd of December I have a week left here in Spain. My exchange experience has been great. I speak good Spanish so I am understood and I can communicate without any problems. It really seems that the attitud “mañana mañana” exists. In the hospital the nurses I know […]

The objectives of the Gerontological Nursing Practise

During the profesional practise of the Gerontological Nursing I have become acquainted with the Gerontological nursing and health care in Spain.  I can tell about Gerontological nursing in Spain and compare the similarities and differences in that field of nursing between two countries: Spain and Finland.  I have got to know the working culture […]

Weekend in London

London!  Mari and I travelled from Valencia to Barcelona by a night bus. We had to wait an hour to the bus at the bus station because it was late. There were noisy young Spaniards in the bus. Finaly they fell asleep and we slept well the whole trip of five hours. We travelled from […]

Trip to Montanejos

On the 21st of November my friend Mari travelled to Spain to visit me and Spain. I travelled to Alicante to see her because her flight landed there.  (It was adirect flight from Helsinki and cheaper than the flights at the moment to Valencia.) I went by bus to Alicante. In the bus I had […]

New visit in Las Fuentes de Algar


The geriatric practice

On the 3rd of November I started practice in the internal medicine ward where are a lot of geriatric patients. I adore the supervisor I have. If all the nurses were like her in the world the world would be a better place. She always talks about team work that raise the ambiance. She is […]