La vida de Inksu en Valencia

My 3 month practical training in sunny Valencia Spain!

Living in a shared flat

It´s not always easy to live in a shared flat. There can be cultural differences or differences in the personalities that can affect on the atmosphere. The questions like be in time can result different opinions. I feel like quite a independent person. I am everyday very social when I do the practice in the hospital so when I come home, to the shared flat, I want to rest and do my things. Living in a shared flat doesn´t mean we have to be perfect best friends but we should respect each other and give space to breath.  We all are not the same kind of persons so the best friends are not always found in a shared flat. I can say that during my exchange time I have had moments that I wouldn´t like to live but I had to and I learned about them a lot. I feel that in so I have met crazy people both in a good way and in a bad way.

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Travelling to Ibiza

I had decided before to travel to the island of my dreams: Formentera but I had still the flue so I preferred to stay in Valencia one week before. There were no anymore ferries from Denia to Formentera island after the 16th October. So I decided to take cheap flights of Ryanair (The offer was one way and return 20e/person) to Ibiza. It was great because I love airplanes and flying and I wanted to visit Ibiza and I had booked a very good hotel with breakfast – Some luxury for Erasmus student on her holiday! 😉

I travelled in Ibiza by bus because it was cheap and nice. From Eivissa (the capital of the island) to Sant Antony de Portmany cost about 1,65e.

Cala Gració









The view from the balcony of the hotel room Torre del Mar


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Visiting Nuevo Hospital La Fe

The supervisor of the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital Nuevo La Fe works also in the hospital where I do my practice. She gave me a great opportunity to visit the neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit of the public hospital Nuevo La Fe which is one of the best of the hospital in Spain (even the best one some people say). That was very advanced and modern. I was there  6hours with some nurses who explained me about their work and I could see their working.


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Spanish all day long

I love Spanish language! When I wake up the first words I say are in Spanish. In the practical training in the hospital I speak almost all the time Spanish (with some exchange students I speak English when we meet there).  At home I have Spanish flatmates that teach me a lot about Spain, Spanish culture and language. Sometimes I just feel that my brains don´t work and I can´t say everything I want, especially when I´m tired. Anyway I haven´t got any problems with the language and I have always found a way to say what I want even though it has felt difficult few times. I think this exchange of three months (+ two weeks) is very effective Spanish course and at the same time I learn a lot about my future profession.

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Erasmus life – My birthday

On the 8th I had a really nice birthday party with my lovely Finnish friends Lauri and Olka and with their nice friends from different countries. We had an international atmosphere.

In the afternoon we went to walk to the Turia park and to the City of Science and Arts (Ciudad de Las Ciencias y  Las Artes). We had a great time. You can see a picture below.


They had bought me a present and Disney Frozen cake and they sang me Happy Birthday -song in different languages. I could say that on the 8th of October was one of my best birthday parties ever even the best one. I love those Finnish guys a lot and I´m happy that I met their nice friends. We prepared food together, ate together and went to the street party to dance. After dancing about 30 minutes on the street we took a taxi to the club L’Umbracle. The girls could enter there free but the boys had to pay 10 euros of the entrance that included one drink. Is it quite interesting right?



My Spanish flatmates had also bought me a lovely present. In the picture below there are together the presents from the Finnish and Norwegian friends and the Spanish flatmates. Muchas gracias! Thank you a lot! 🙂 <3



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Practical training in neonatal intensive care unit

On the 3rd of October I started the practical training in the neonatal intensive care unit in the hospital Casa de Salud. I love that unit! I could say that after one week. Now I have been two weeks there and I feel I could stay there all the exchange time until Christmas because of the friendly, lovely and professional personnel and the lovely neonates and preemies. I have learned there a lot about medicine, caregiving of babies and about nursing in general. I also have had opportunities to see two births and three Caesarean sections. It was so interesting from the point of view of  the future nurse. All the things I have seen and learned is written in my notebook. I won´t write everything. Seeing birth and neonates gives the life a new meaning – I don´t know how to explain but someway it´s so emotional and great. My most important objective of the practical training in the neonatal intensive care unit is that I´ll do the best I can to learn about them and take care of them in the best way I can together with the personnel. I love the unit and the personnel. I´m going to buy them a cake or something to say thank you before I change the unit again. Later I´m going to write more!blogigigigi

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The third week in the pediatric unit

The third week started doing 12-hour shift on Monday. I felt tired in the evening so I decided to take temperature – I had 37,4. I felt like I was having cold. The next day I had 38 degrees fever, sore throat, cough and sniffles. I had to ring to my practical training unit and the international coordinator that I was not coming to the hospital. I felt so sad and felt that I had very bad luck again. I also felt that I was not going to have the same kind of Erasmus exchange experience because I was all the time sick… Well, on Thursday I was back in the hospital. I was better but still with the cough and sniffles. I was disinfecting my hands all the time.


During the practical training of three weeks in the pediatric unit I learned a lot. I think it was very interesting that there were pediatric patients, the women who had given birth and some cosmetic surgery patients at the same floor in the same unit. I noticed that nurses worked hard and are really good professionals and they always had answer almost to everything. They are nice and confident. The people here in Spain really trust on the nurses and appreciate them.

In the unit I saw that they use less gloves and disinfectant than in Finland but wash their hands quite often. The hospital I am doing the practice is private so every pediatric patient has his/her own room. The patient has always at least one family member with him/ her. The Spanish people take  big flower systems to the hospital.

During the pediatric practice I learned  to use better the equipment to dose i.v medicine, prepare medicines according to the medical orders of the doctors, quick urine sample, taking out canylas, about treatment of a surgical cut, encounter a Spanish patient and familiars in Spanish language and so on. I also worked with auxiliars, help nurses. I think I really have already achieved the objectives of my practice but I have still so much to learn in the neonatal intensive care unit where I will spend this October.


The objectives of Family Nursing Practice/ Pediatrics

  • I act in empowering partnership with families and children.
  • I become acquainted with the Family nursing/ Pediatrics in Spain.
  • I use learned theories and facts in practice.
  • I get to know the working culture at the workplace.
  • I give a positive and reliable picture with Spanish coworkers.
  • I am able to act responsibly and professionally according to the values and principles of patient/client-oriented nursing and acknowledge both the patient and the family.
  • I want to make people smile and be on their side.
  • Under supervision I am able to implement the nursing process in collaboration with Spanish families.
  • I master essential clinical nursing interventions and methods and administer medications safely.
  • I get other point of view for the nursing in practice (working culture, ways and techniques), new ideas and other thoughts that for sure are important relative to my professional development as a future nurse.
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Gandía beach

On Saturday 24th and on Sunday 25th I spent time with a Finnish exchange student from the same university from Finland. We had great time in Valencia. We took a bus to the beach of Malvarrosa beach after walking around the city center. The beach of Malvarrosa was nice as I love to swim but I think it was little bit dirty the sea water in comparison with the sea water in Denia or in Benidorm. The athmosphere was great: people were singing, there were a lot of cosy restaurants and my company was nice!

On Sunday I met the Finnish exchange student again in the city center. We went to see the train station Estación del Norte and decided to take a train to Playa de Gandía, Gandía beach. The one-way ticket cost around 5,80e and it was about 60km from Valencia. The sea water and the beach in Gandía were perfect in comparison with the beach of Malvarrosa even though it was nice also.  We could leave our things hidden into the sand in a plastic bag and went to swim. During the Sunday we walked 10km because we had to take the train back to Valencia from the centre of Gandía. There were only three train from Playa de Gandía to Valencia on that Sunday. After coming back to Valencia in the Sunday evening we went to eat to Taco Bell restaurant and walked around the center.


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The second week in the practical training

The second week of the practical training in the pediatric unit has gone quite well. I mean quite well… XD On Monday I was 12 hours in the hospital. After the 12 hours I went home and I was very very hungry. I decided to buy take-away food from the restaurant that is very near my flat. There were a lot of people. I saw the sign: “Take-away food”. I asked the food and they said me that it was only an offer of midday but they could sell me the midday food because they had it in the fridge. Okey… well I was so hungry so I bought the midday food  and went home. At home I ate that seafood. The next day afternoon was awful… My stomach was completely in disorder and the fewer in the evening was 39 degrees. I felt so bad and I just wanted back home to Finland. The next day, on Wednesday, I rested all the day at home and slept because I didn´t have any energy to go to the practical training to the hospital as I hadn´t eaten anything in 24 hours.

On Thursday I was already back and had again 12 hours the practical training hours and on Friday i had a nice shift of 7 hours.

The next week will be my last week in the pediatric unit and then I will change the unit to the neonatal intensive care unit.


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Las Fuentes de Algar and Benidorm

Last Sunday, on the 18th of September, I joined the SoyErasmus trip to Las Fuentes del Algar and Benidorm. I had already planned thay someday I would love to see those Algar Waterfalls and swim there.  The fountains were very beautiful and they were the highlight of the week. The water in the river and fountains is over the year only around 17- 18 degrees despite the hot summer months so the bath there was very refreshing. The place was unbelievable.

Las Fuentes del Algar

After seeing the amazing waterfalls, fountains and river the 2 buses of Erasmus students directed to Benidorm. It was like a little Spanish New York. I like it a lot even though I saw many drunk and sunburned British people there. The water in the sea was cristal clear and warm and the food I ate was great. A little bit warmer bath in Benidorm than in the waterfalls. 😀 Good memories!


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