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I just gotta say here first that I have drank only one time while I´ve been here. That is not good statistics but there are many reasons why I let this to happen. Mainly I hope that the biggest party are coming in the future cause there haven´t been much going on in here. Just one student party that was okay and then one other party where we were only for one hour(gypsy party). But I´m confident. We have crazy erasmus group so we can have good party on our own if we want. And on saturday we will after we are back from Venice where we are going to see the carnevals.

Today I actually saw a containership when I went to Koper with my three erasmus friends. Then we talked about these containerships for few sentences which were already enough logistics for that day so we stopped and continued exploring the city. Koper is bigger city than Portoroz and it is located very near Trieste Italy. It was again sunny day so we went shopping. I found these really cool indoor football shoes that I had to have. I actually wore them this evening already when I humiliated few Irish amateurs in football in our livingroom (never seen a ball before I guess).


This was a good day. Lets keep it that way:)

Postcard picture

Today was finally a sunny day and we immediately took advantage of it with our erasmus group. We marched to Piran which is small city next to Portoroz. We went to see this old castles ruins and from there the view was incredible. Beautiful city there ahead, then even more beautiful sea rippled in the sun and the most beautiful thing was how the Alps rose on the other side of the sea. Feels like the Alps are really close to you when it´s a clear weather even tough there are more than a hundred kilometers?


This really was a good day cause yesterday and the day after I felt a bit sick. Not hangover or anything.. I just had maybe a bit fever. But luckily today I felt better. After the ruins we walked beside the coast for a few kilometers and went to our local restaurant where we get a student discount from our meal. You get soup, salad, meal and dessert for 3,5€ and have to pay even less in some other restaurants. Unfortunately this time the restaurant was full so we had to wait for almost 2 hours for our proper meal. But we got free shots because of the waiting so we got that goin´for us, which is nice.




You know tomorrow I will go to school with my friends around 10 am but just to walk around. Maybe we see some professors there so we can ask when the courses starts. But I´ve heard that we don´t even might have any courses, just some projects and talks with the teachers. After our “school” I will find a gym for myself.

First days

Now first two days here are over and I´m still alive. Yesterday we had our very first erasmus party and we had a lot of fun. Little drinking games in our hostel and afterwards we owned the dance floor in a little night club called Paprika. I´m still in the phase of getting to know to everybody so it was maybe wise for me not to drink that much and totally embarrass myself. We left the place maybe at 4:00 am and started to conquer the hill where our hostel is located (highest point).

Erasmus group



In the morning I didn´t have to suffer in a hangover, part of because I had time to sleep as long as I wanted.  Then because I´m a energetic boy I ate breakfast and went jogging for awhile. At the same time I explored these beautiful surroundings. I came back just in time for Finland – Russia ice-hockey match that I watched with few other friends. When Selänne scored second goal I might have shouted so loudly that poor girl next to me was scared and almost spilled her coffee all over her pants.

I think I´ll go tomorrow to our university and ask when our courses are going to start cause we have heard nothing from the teachers. They are still somewhere on vacation I suppose. Maybe next week will be the lucky week when our school starts. Or not. Who knows.

Lost and found

Where would I start.. Everything started to go wrong right from the beginning. I missed my second flight even though I ran the whole time to the other gate. Best thing was when I saw the bus leaving to the with all the passengers inside just when I came there. You can imagine the thoughts in my head. And because of this I didn´t know where my luggage was!! Did it make it to the plane or not. So.. I went to the Air Berlin desk and demanded to get to Venice still that night. She then booked me to Venice via Munich (notice I was at that time in Berlin not Munich as told in the first post). Finally also my luggage was found in lost and found.

So FINALLY I got to Venice at 10:45 pm so trains were no longer going to Trieste. I decided to go to railway station because there weren´t any place to sleep in the airport. In the centre  I wondered for a while after a asked one guy if he knew any cheap hostels. He then showed me few and at the same time said that it is quite dangerous to be on the streets at nights. I then quickly went to some hotel..

On monday I had my first meeting with other Erasmus students and our tutor at 3:00 pm so that was my target. I can no revel that I did actually make it there but it wasn´t easy task. I could talk a lot from that adventure also but I don´t want to bore you:P

But now sun is shining for me finally. I managed to get hostel apartment where I can leave the whole exchange if I want. I have nice Slovakian boy as my roommate and no school until next week:)) And tomorrow is big party!! And the place (Portoroz) looks just great.

What can I say. Even thought the journey here was extremely challenging (shit) I am happy to be here and can´t wait for tomorrow.

To unknown

My trip is about to start and I don´t have a clue what´s going to happen. On sunday my flight takes off from Helsinki-Vantaa and arrives to Munich where I have just 30 minutes to change to another plane. Hope that is enought. From Munich I fly to Venice where I´ll be around 18:30. Venice isn´t that far from Portoroz that is my final destination but the problems is that I don´t know how often trains departures near Slovenian border. And it is sunday. And I don´t trust that much to Italian railway system either. Can´t be worse that VR though.

My ambitious plan is to travel as close to Portoroz as possible on Sunday and then on monday morning travel the rest. My school “starts” there on monday so I should be there quite early. I would be happy if I get to Trieste on sunday cause from there I have just 30 km to my home city. Hope I find some cheap hotel from Trieste so that I wouldn´t have to wonder there all night.

As you can see I have everything under control. It will be fun to see what kind of my next post here is going to be. Did everything go as I planned or did I miss my flight, lost my luggage and couldn´t find a train or hotel. But now I relax and enjoy my last few nights here in Finland. Soooon my journey will start:)