To unknown

My trip is about to start and I don´t have a clue what´s going to happen. On sunday my flight takes off from Helsinki-Vantaa and arrives to Munich where I have just 30 minutes to change to another plane. Hope that is enought. From Munich I fly to Venice where I´ll be around 18:30. Venice isn´t that far from Portoroz that is my final destination but the problems is that I don´t know how often trains departures near Slovenian border. And it is sunday. And I don´t trust that much to Italian railway system either. Can´t be worse that VR though.

My ambitious plan is to travel as close to Portoroz as possible on Sunday and then on monday morning travel the rest. My school “starts” there on monday so I should be there quite early. I would be happy if I get to Trieste on sunday cause from there I have just 30 km to my home city. Hope I find some cheap hotel from Trieste so that I wouldn´t have to wonder there all night.

As you can see I have everything under control. It will be fun to see what kind of my next post here is going to be. Did everything go as I planned or did I miss my flight, lost my luggage and couldn´t find a train or hotel. But now I relax and enjoy my last few nights here in Finland. Soooon my journey will start:)


Posted 14.2.2014 at 13.43

have a nice trip kimalainen!, dont pick up too many chiks and remember to call me every week xoxo

Juho Heinonen
Posted 17.2.2014 at 19.20

Sounds interesting indeed! Found there yet?