Lost and found

Where would I start.. Everything started to go wrong right from the beginning. I missed my second flight even though I ran the whole time to the other gate. Best thing was when I saw the bus leaving to the with all the passengers inside just when I came there. You can imagine the thoughts in my head. And because of this I didn´t know where my luggage was!! Did it make it to the plane or not. So.. I went to the Air Berlin desk and demanded to get to Venice still that night. She then booked me to Venice via Munich (notice I was at that time in Berlin not Munich as told in the first post). Finally also my luggage was found in lost and found.

So FINALLY I got to Venice at 10:45 pm so trains were no longer going to Trieste. I decided to go to railway station because there weren´t any place to sleep in the airport. In the centre  I wondered for a while after a asked one guy if he knew any cheap hostels. He then showed me few and at the same time said that it is quite dangerous to be on the streets at nights. I then quickly went to some hotel..

On monday I had my first meeting with other Erasmus students and our tutor at 3:00 pm so that was my target. I can no revel that I did actually make it there but it wasn´t easy task. I could talk a lot from that adventure also but I don´t want to bore you:P

But now sun is shining for me finally. I managed to get hostel apartment where I can leave the whole exchange if I want. I have nice Slovakian boy as my roommate and no school until next week:)) And tomorrow is big party!! And the place (Portoroz) looks just great.

What can I say. Even thought the journey here was extremely challenging (shit) I am happy to be here and can´t wait for tomorrow.

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Posted 17.2.2014 at 22.47

Piristy, Kim! I wish you memorable time. Take care, though. It’s true that night time gets too funny in some places.

Enjoy yourself!