First days

Now first two days here are over and I´m still alive. Yesterday we had our very first erasmus party and we had a lot of fun. Little drinking games in our hostel and afterwards we owned the dance floor in a little night club called Paprika. I´m still in the phase of getting to know to everybody so it was maybe wise for me not to drink that much and totally embarrass myself. We left the place maybe at 4:00 am and started to conquer the hill where our hostel is located (highest point).

Erasmus group



In the morning I didn´t have to suffer in a hangover, part of because I had time to sleep as long as I wanted.  Then because I´m a energetic boy I ate breakfast and went jogging for awhile. At the same time I explored these beautiful surroundings. I came back just in time for Finland – Russia ice-hockey match that I watched with few other friends. When Selänne scored second goal I might have shouted so loudly that poor girl next to me was scared and almost spilled her coffee all over her pants.

I think I´ll go tomorrow to our university and ask when our courses are going to start cause we have heard nothing from the teachers. They are still somewhere on vacation I suppose. Maybe next week will be the lucky week when our school starts. Or not. Who knows.