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Today was finally a sunny day and we immediately took advantage of it with our erasmus group. We marched to Piran which is small city next to Portoroz. We went to see this old castles ruins and from there the view was incredible. Beautiful city there ahead, then even more beautiful sea rippled in the sun and the most beautiful thing was how the Alps rose on the other side of the sea. Feels like the Alps are really close to you when it´s a clear weather even tough there are more than a hundred kilometers?


This really was a good day cause yesterday and the day after I felt a bit sick. Not hangover or anything.. I just had maybe a bit fever. But luckily today I felt better. After the ruins we walked beside the coast for a few kilometers and went to our local restaurant where we get a student discount from our meal. You get soup, salad, meal and dessert for 3,5€ and have to pay even less in some other restaurants. Unfortunately this time the restaurant was full so we had to wait for almost 2 hours for our proper meal. But we got free shots because of the waiting so we got that goin´for us, which is nice.




You know tomorrow I will go to school with my friends around 10 am but just to walk around. Maybe we see some professors there so we can ask when the courses starts. But I´ve heard that we don´t even might have any courses, just some projects and talks with the teachers. After our “school” I will find a gym for myself.