I just gotta say here first that I have drank only one time while I´ve been here. That is not good statistics but there are many reasons why I let this to happen. Mainly I hope that the biggest party are coming in the future cause there haven´t been much going on in here. Just one student party that was okay and then one other party where we were only for one hour(gypsy party). But I´m confident. We have crazy erasmus group so we can have good party on our own if we want. And on saturday we will after we are back from Venice where we are going to see the carnevals.

Today I actually saw a containership when I went to Koper with my three erasmus friends. Then we talked about these containerships for few sentences which were already enough logistics for that day so we stopped and continued exploring the city. Koper is bigger city than Portoroz and it is located very near Trieste Italy. It was again sunny day so we went shopping. I found these really cool indoor football shoes that I had to have. I actually wore them this evening already when I humiliated few Irish amateurs in football in our livingroom (never seen a ball before I guess).


This was a good day. Lets keep it that way:)