Saturday in Venice

I don´t know if my blog should mostly consist school stuff but I will tell you something about it when I know. Though we had one meeting with our one professor on friday where we discussed about what we have to do for his two courses that I have also chosen. And the conclusion was no contact lessons and one project work for both courses and then presentations. I´m just waiting excitedly what I have to do for the other courses. I haven´t heard anything from the professors yet.

But then real subject. Today we conquered Venice with our erasmus group. Day started really early and I don´t remember when was the last time I had to wake up at 6.00 am. We found our way to the bus and our 3 hour journey to Venice started. Day was cloudy until we got to our destination when the worse happened and the sky dropped its first drops.. Then it rained. Sometimes more and sometimes less. After we saw the all the magnificent attractions we (at least I) counted the hours when we get back to the bus and home. My shoes were soaking and it was really uncomfortable. Still there were a lot of tourists and you had to battle your way through. Nevertheless we had really good tourist guide there for a while and the history was actually really interesting, after all it is Venice.

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To be honest with you all (thousands of people who read my amazing blog) I would rather have spent that day in Venice with my girlfriend cause it is the city of romance. But I have time to show her places when she comes here to see me:)) <3

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Posted 5.3.2014 at 7.31

Awwww… HAVE FUN!!