Party, gym and football

Well there I actually said it all in the title. 3 hours football on monday, gym and party on tuesday and today again few hours football. Exchange is goood.

Today was first sunny day in this week and I really enjoyed being outside. I think the sun also made me a bit browner. Or it is just my imagination. But rest of the week is going to be sunny and warm (+18 C) so maybe I get some concrete results. Tomorrow I will actually go to school but only to ask why my other professors haven´t answered anything to me about my courses. No rush though cause I was planning to do some trip next week. Don´t know where yet.


Party yesterday started well but didn´t go as planned. We had fun playing drinking games in Hostel but when we went to this “parties”, there were nobody there. Regardless our little mood killer we didn´t panic. We took taxi to Koper where was quite big party and there we danced until our feet were hurting.