Hitch-hiking in Slovenia

Last weekend we had a privilege to enjoy sunny Portoroz . It was +18 degrees and clouds were nowhere to be seen. It was quite windy though. On friday we went to buy ice cream with our erasmus group to one beach bar called Cacao. Then we ate our ice creams in pier. Can weekend start any better? I think not.

2014-03-07-0115[1] 2014-03-07-0118[1]

On friday night we started to plan for saturday. We came up with this crazy idea that we should hitch-hike to Croatia to place called Pula that is approximately 100 km from Portoroz. So saturday morning we woke up early and took the signs that girls made on friday and started walking to nearest highway. We walked for an hour but nobody stopped, we just got a lot of laughs. Then finally one car stopped and took three of us inside and we started to drive towards Croatian border. In the border officer asked everybody’s IDs and when he looked at mine he shook his head and refused to let me in to the country whit my Finnish ID. Maybe I should have also taken my passport….. Then we all got out of the car and started to figure out what to do. Eventually we decided to hitch-hike to Koper and spend the day there. Although one guy continued to Croatia. (But before he eventually got to go over border police took him in some interrogation room for 45 minutes because he took pictures of Croatian border and flag. They also checked his belongings and camera and asked why I showed my middle finger in this picture ->..    )

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I traveled with four different cars that day and even tough we had huge disappointments on our journey it was really exciting day. Croatia is not yet my 15th country that I have visited but I´m going to get it maybe even in this week. Next time I take my passport also with me IF they still let me in to the country cause now they have my picture showing middle finger in front of Croatian border. But it is good that life is not boring:)


Posted 12.3.2014 at 20.37

Idiot kimalainen, why do u not have ur passport with u. And don’t try to show like u are so badass. Ur such a pussy 😉

Kim Anttilainen
Posted 14.3.2014 at 18.37

haha:D I´m not trying dude?!