Weekend in Ljubljana

Finally after been here for four weeks I visited in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. I went there again with my erasmus group. This time though with arranged car and not hitch-hiking. Five of us went by hitch-hiking and they actually were there before us. So good ride free of charge and quicker.. not bad deal.


We didn´t have there hotel or hostel rooms reserved. Our accommodation was more exotic like it is supposed to be in erasmus life. Four of us had 2m*2m place reserved from some German guy´s dormitory room floor. And the rest four found a place to sleep from couchsurfing. I had an honor to sleep on the floor 🙂

So it was saturday when we went to Ljubljana. First we took our belongings to the dormitory and then continued our journey to the center. There we went Irish pub to drink. After all it was St Patrick´s weekend. There one Guinness that tasted extremely good. Ireland – France rugby match came on TV and people were shouting like hell. But it was great and rugby rules are now more familiar to me. At one o´clock after we had played enough drinking games at couchsurfing place we found our way to bar that was crowded. There we enjoyed our time till it was 4am and then I fell a sleep to comfy floor. In spite of this bad sleeping place, I actually slept quite well and I felt good in the morning.

2014-03-15-0164 2014-03-15-0170 2014-03-16-0180 2014-03-16-0182


I´m going to dedicate next week for school works and sports. Lets see how that is going to work out.


Posted 18.3.2014 at 20.00

Do not drink too much Kim, you get drunk so easily

Hanna Jokinen
Posted 18.3.2014 at 21.16

Hohooooi kimberlyyyy! Terkkuja multa : )))))))