School wtf!?

This week had our first lectures. It lasted for two hours and that was already enough to give me a headache. That was only because we thought that the lecture would last only for 30 minutes and I was so hungry and air in the classroom wasn´t the best. But I survived 🙂 And we learned there some things also! We are going to have another lecture on next Wednesday so four hours total contact lessons for this course. Teacher said that normally that course would have 90 hours contact lessons but 4 is good for us. And today I finished my first project paper for another course. So if somebody thought that I´m here on holiday, it is a lie 😉 Actually I have five projects still to be done.


view from our classroom


I don´t know if I told already but I´ve been training rowing with our faculty´s rowing team. Trainings are from Monday to Thursday every evening and it really is tough. After one hour rowing your shoulders and whole body screams for help but I really enjoy it. No pain No gain!!

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