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I really don´t know what the title should be for this post…

But this week I have just enjoyed my exchange here in Portoroz. Beginning of the week wasn´t that good but this weekend was just super. I mean weather. I think this week my plan was to do a lot of school papers and I actually did some progress. I have to do total of six papers for six courses and now I have made two and a half. Today I try to finish the third one. Titles for these three papers have been Cargo flow in distribution terminal, Magnetic compass and Human resource management – Leadership.

In this week I have also been rowing for four times. Best one was on Saturday when it was just for fun. We rowed in the middle of the sea and got sun there for an hour and drank redbull. But tomorrow sweating again. No worries.

Today me and my few friends went to swim to the sea. Temperature was something like 14? so just jump and up again. But it was so great. We have to still wait for a month maybe so that the temperatures are more suitable for swimming. Today and every day in this week we have also played a lot of table tennis. Day and night really. We got the table in this week and already first ball is broken. At the end of my exchange I´m gonna be so good that Chinese want me to join to their Olympic team. This is a warning pointed to my uncle. 😉

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Nice view!