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Last week I felt that I had a holiday in a holiday when Hanna was here. I gave zero thought to school works (like that would differ my normal life here but still). We traveled four days in Slovenia and Croatia before we came to Portoroz. Weather throughout the trip could have been better cause many days were cloudy but still it was warm and we managed to see sun plenty of times. At my previous post I said that this time will be my best here and now I can say that it really was 🙂 I still have exchange left but how could I top that.

IMG_5855   IMG_5695

Now I have returned to my ordinary life here. Yesterday I renewed my gym card and I have been rowing few times this week. Yesterday we also had party in our near bar and the bier was really flowing. I have time till Friday to return my last paper work and then everything is done!

Next week here in Portoroz is holiday week for students so many will probably go to their homes. I don´t know if I should also go somewhere to see new places. Maybe hiking to some natural areas if weather is on my side.

Maritime faculty indeed

This week was all about spending time at the sea. From Monday to Thursday we had rowing every day and then top of all that we spent five hours on Tuesday at the sea sailing. We wanted to experience also sailing and we have sailing group in our faculty here so we decided to go and try. My knowledge about sailing was pure zero and it is not much higher after this first and probably the last time. First two hours were fun learning and enjoying but then it got a bit boring because the whole time I had this one job to do. I don´t know how you can make pulling two ropes for five hours fun but still it was a nice experience. Rowing is more for me.

2014-04-08-0285 2014-04-08-0283 2014-04-08-0302

Tomorrow is a day that I have been waiting for a long time. That is the day when Hanna comes here 🙂 Tomorrow I go early to Ljubljana and then in the evening to the airport to pick her up. Then after one night in Ljubljana we head to Bled that I mentioned in my previous posts and from there to Croatia. I am convinced that these nine days are going to be my best out of my whole exchange 🙂

My good friend Eetu came here also on Wednesday. He stayed two nights in my room and he also had a privilege to participate our rowing training while drinking beer at the back 😀 But he was our photographer and now I have nice photos!

20140410_192130 20140410_192250

Road trip

Yesterday, on Saturday, we had a small road trip around Slovenia. We rented a car for a really cheap prize with full insurance and headed somewhere. Because of weather wasn´t that good that day we chose to visit some castle and cave. Otherwise we would have gone to see bled that is one of the nicest place in Slovenia, I´ve heard. But this was actually really good deal for me cause I didn´t want to go there yet. Cause next Sunday I will explore that beautiful area with my girlfriend 🙂



But back to our road trip story. Castle that we went to see was really nice for few seconds and then I was already bored. We didn´t even go inside due to expensive tickets and there was nothing to see we thought. Next destination was this huge cave where we had guided tour. The sight was really awesome and the paths inside looked like that some scenes from Lord of the rings were filmed there. You know where Gandalf fought against that firedragonthing.

2014-04-05-0261[1]   1508027_10152304971942349_983300604_n

Then because of the weather was still shit we decided to drive back to Koper and to eat cause we were starving. When we came back to hostel we were so tired that everybody just went to bed. We didn´t even drink this weekend! But on Tuesday we had nice party at our hostel with a lot of people. It was so nice that old neighbor lady decided to call police. Luckily owner of our hostel came to end our party before so police was unnecessary.

Finally I would like to congratulate my good friend Iisak for his birthday. Looking forward to see you again my friend 😉