Last week I felt that I had a holiday in a holiday when Hanna was here. I gave zero thought to school works (like that would differ my normal life here but still). We traveled four days in Slovenia and Croatia before we came to Portoroz. Weather throughout the trip could have been better cause many days were cloudy but still it was warm and we managed to see sun plenty of times. At my previous post I said that this time will be my best here and now I can say that it really was 🙂 I still have exchange left but how could I top that.

IMG_5855   IMG_5695

Now I have returned to my ordinary life here. Yesterday I renewed my gym card and I have been rowing few times this week. Yesterday we also had party in our near bar and the bier was really flowing. I have time till Friday to return my last paper work and then everything is done!

Next week here in Portoroz is holiday week for students so many will probably go to their homes. I don´t know if I should also go somewhere to see new places. Maybe hiking to some natural areas if weather is on my side.