Monthly Archives: May 2014

All done

It has been a while since I last posted anything here but one reason was that one point I couldn´t even log in here to my own blog site. Other reason was that I have been just lazy..

Today I had two presentations about my paper works so everything is done now!

But a lot have happened. Last week I was hiking in Alps in Slovenia in region where Slovenian highest mountain Triglav is also located. I was hiking with my Turkish friend for two days. Other night we slept outside and other in a dorm cottage that was in 1500 meters. We were really lucky cause sun was shining for us most of the time even thought forecast told otherwise. Hiking trip to Northen Slovenia´s mountainous areas was one of my “must do” things when I arrived here so that is check 🙂 Hiking is awesome!

IMG_4919 IMG_4903

Yesterday we had nice beach day with my erasmus friends. We were the whole sunny day outside playing beach volley and then swimming in the sea. I really enjoyed my time 🙂 More days like this please! Weather forecast looks good for the end of the week (+25 degrees) so maybe we will have a rematch. Many of those.

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Day after tomorrow on Friday we have rowing competitions in Croatia! Our bus leaves from here at 6:45 am and we have there 5 races or so and then back in the evening. It´s really nice to experience these regattas also when after all I have trained rowing here for two months now. I hope we do good there so we have reason to celebrate something when we come back here and have a party. But if not, we will have party anyways 😀