Well now when I have been home quite a while already it is nice to think about this amazing journey that I had. This time went by really fast and sometimes I dream that I would be there again just enjoying my life in that weather and landscape. Especially now when Finland is still waiting for the real summer..

I have got to say that I didnĀ“t learn there that much about logistics but is that even the real point being in Erasmus? I think not. I have decades of time still to learn and after all best way to work is when you work. Nevertheless I learned more vital things. I learned to be even more independent and trust my instinct. I went to another country not knowing anyone from there and that takes courage. Now I can say that I know a lot of people from there. Really nice people. Good friends of mine. I lived in a hostel with many erasmus students from different countries and I learned a lot from their cultures and their countries. Of course in that period of time my language skills and social skills improved as well.

I have tons of pictures from my exchange that I occasionally look a big smile on my face. I can say that it was one of my biggest adventures in my life and I would recommend it to everybody who are willing to enjoy their lives.