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Well now when I have been home quite a while already it is nice to think about this amazing journey that I had. This time went by really fast and sometimes I dream that I would be there again just enjoying my life in that weather and landscape. Especially now when Finland is still waiting […]

All done

It has been a while since I last posted anything here but one reason was that one point I couldn´t even log in here to my own blog site. Other reason was that I have been just lazy.. Today I had two presentations about my paper works so everything is done now! But a lot […]


Last week I felt that I had a holiday in a holiday when Hanna was here. I gave zero thought to school works (like that would differ my normal life here but still). We traveled four days in Slovenia and Croatia before we came to Portoroz. Weather throughout the trip could have been better cause […]

Maritime faculty indeed

This week was all about spending time at the sea. From Monday to Thursday we had rowing every day and then top of all that we spent five hours on Tuesday at the sea sailing. We wanted to experience also sailing and we have sailing group in our faculty here so we decided to go […]

Road trip

Yesterday, on Saturday, we had a small road trip around Slovenia. We rented a car for a really cheap prize with full insurance and headed somewhere. Because of weather wasn´t that good that day we chose to visit some castle and cave. Otherwise we would have gone to see bled that is one of the […]

Enter title here

I really don´t know what the title should be for this post… But this week I have just enjoyed my exchange here in Portoroz. Beginning of the week wasn´t that good but this weekend was just super. I mean weather. I think this week my plan was to do a lot of school papers and […]

School wtf!?

This week had our first lectures. It lasted for two hours and that was already enough to give me a headache. That was only because we thought that the lecture would last only for 30 minutes and I was so hungry and air in the classroom wasn´t the best. But I survived 🙂 And we […]

Weekend in Ljubljana

Finally after been here for four weeks I visited in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. I went there again with my erasmus group. This time though with arranged car and not hitch-hiking. Five of us went by hitch-hiking and they actually were there before us. So good ride free of charge and quicker.. not […]

Hitch-hiking in Slovenia

Last weekend we had a privilege to enjoy sunny Portoroz . It was +18 degrees and clouds were nowhere to be seen. It was quite windy though. On friday we went to buy ice cream with our erasmus group to one beach bar called Cacao. Then we ate our ice creams in pier. Can weekend […]

Party, gym and football

Well there I actually said it all in the title. 3 hours football on monday, gym and party on tuesday and today again few hours football. Exchange is goood. Today was first sunny day in this week and I really enjoyed being outside. I think the sun also made me a bit browner. Or it […]