First days

Going abroad an exchange student has always been a dream of mine and I am so happy it finally happened. 🙂 I came here in Luzern, Switzerland two days ago and the the beauty of this place just took my breath away, although I have to say that when I finally got here after all the travelling, I was tired and didn´t really know what I had got myself in to. I went to the nearest grocery store and realized, that Switzerland really is a very expensive country, as they say. I got to the store and I couldn´t believe my eyes. The shampoo bottle costed six Francs! (one Swiss franc is about 91 cents, so almost same than euro). Also food here is uncredibly expensive. I looked for minced meat and the normal size packet of that costed seven francs. I also had some trouble when I got to the house, because the Wi-Fi was not working in my computer or in my phone so I had no contact to Finland. First night I met two other tenants of this house and they were both exchange student and music students so it was very nice.

Next morning I woke up early and the first thing I saw from my window was the mountains and the clouds. It was very beautiful! Later I met more tenants of the house and we went to have drink in an outside bar by the lake.luzeern