The mountains

The mountains here in Switzerland are amazing. I can´t even explain how beautiful they look, surrounding this whole city. I try to take a pictures of them, but they don´t look as impressive in the pictures as they really do.  This morning I wanted to go to have a walk again and I headed towards the mountains. The road wasn´t that deep, but it was definitely uphill all the way. I walked couple of kilometers and the scenery just got better and better exposing more mountain peaks. Then I finally saw it. The snow-capped peaks! They looked so beautiful. My housemates told me that the peaks around this city will look even more beautiful during the wintertime, when there is also snow. Here are some pictures I took on my way up.







My school starts tomorrow, so I think after this day I will post more about school, culture and things like that, but we will see. 🙂